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Dentstal Quetin K 2:

14 000 Euro

Patient’s Chair

Patient’s chair exists in two modifications: Compact Chair (the association new file, absence of foot facilities, the approach of the seat operator help dentist work in position 8-9 hours) and Comfort Chair (available for 10-12 curing hours).

Compact Chair

Comfort Chair

Dental Chair

Comfort of the dentist and the patient were thoroughly studied by Airel. Concerning the dental chair the DENTSTAL company offers its customers SYNCHRO and HARLEY chairs. SYNCHRO chair can be considered the best aid for dentist’s back because of ergonomic seated position, adjustable backrest with lumbar support and footrest. HARLEY chair provides the best inclination for dentist’s feet due to ergonomic seated position, excellent leg setting and footrest. It’s important to notice that assistant’s chair fully corresponds to the latest standards of ergonomics, has good seated position, footrest, backrest can be used as an armrest.

Synchro Chair

Assistant's Chair

Harley Chair

Instrument Console

The reduced space requirement, the studied ergonomics and the outstanding handiness of the instrument-holder tray make it particularly homogenous; the screen displays the different functions of the instruments and specially the alternospray which enables working with an excellent view of the operative field. Gripping each instrument is facilitated by non-return articulated arm with long hoses to work in any position.

  • settings of air flow and water from sprays

  • Display and pre-selection of the speed of micromotors;
  • Setting of the torque and auto-reverse and auto-forward functions (only for BIENAIR MX) induction motor

  • Setting of power Selection of Modes: Perio, endo and Scale


The hygiene is present everywhere in the PACIFIC®: it integrates the IGN®-CALBENIUM® disinfection system, unanimously recognized, which enables treating water from the sprays free of germs, and thus avoiding and postoperative or cross infection. Completing IGN® in accordance with ISO 9001 standards in force, Bacset ensures the traceability of system of system according to the established protocol.

Calbépuls. Being available for each instrument Calbépuls disinfects the head of every instrument in particular under the air and water preasure released by Calbénium® system.


Simply laid down on the top part of the column to facilitate the maintenance, it is regularly disinfected with an Aquanium, cartridge, which is a concentrated product diluted with rinse water. The spittoons are executed in different color solutions to fit perfectly the color selection of Quetin K2 dental unit.


The double articulating headrest adapts perfectly to any position of patient head to improve comfort. A single button adjusts both articulations and the vertical sliding motion with pneumatically assisted movements.

Operating light

Edi halogen light with unit, floor post or ceiling suspension mounting offers a shadowless concentrated light area with heat absorber (25000 lux light intensity). For hygiene purposes, the light is cell controlled thus avoiding any hand contact. In addition, the operating handles are easy-to-remove and autoclavable.

Suction Support

The assistant’s element is a real working post. Its ergonomic features permit two-handed or four-handed treatment procedures and selection suction tip can be completed with a wide range of instruments. The hygiene is present everywhere on this element: particularly, the suction hoses are removable and autoclavable.

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