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Innovative Technologies

Modern world requires use of innovative solutions in almost all spheres of production. This question is promoted to the rank of highest priority in medicine and particularly in dentistry. Application of different innovations lets the dentists reach the most favorable and harmonious outcome during various dental operations and procedures. That is why the DENTSTAL company regards the question of innovations with all understanding and responsibility to ease and protect the dentist’s labor and to provide a patient with the highest level of treatment. The quality of dental materials and dental equipment which we produce and distribute is our business card. We represent the products of world famous manufactures of dental equipment, instruments and materials, whose brand names go together with the notion of innovations.  We are glad to offer you the most improved HERAEUS KULZER restorative and impression materials. KERR introduced itself in the market as inspired innovator considering its redox initiator system and unique trimodal technology. ZHERMACK goes beyond innovations as it is the only company in the dental sector which synthesises polymers and catalysts. ZHERMACK chromatime technology being the new frontier in impression materials is worldwide recognized. In the dental market we also represent the products of DENTSPLY, SEPTODONT, GC, 3M, MANI, DEGUDENT and many other companies, which are giants in the sense of innovations.

We are proud to be able to interpret the needs of dentists to create unique products. This way innovative solutions and know-how are DENTSTAL style of work in the dental market.

Inspiration for you and health for your patients!
Our best regards,
Bezhuashvili brothers, the founders of the DENTSTAL company.

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