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Z/E. Zinc oxide eugenol paste for sealing root canal:


Dexamethasone, zinc oxide, barium sulphate, thymol.

Eugenol, excipient.

Definitive sealing of root canals.

There are certain important criteria which determine the choice of a canal paste. A particular prerequisite is perfect tolerance by the peri-apical tissues.

One must avoid any arthric reaction, originating  from the medicament content of the material. Moreover these pastes must perfectly fulfill their role as a root filling material being neither restorable nor retractable over the years.

Their antiseptic action must last for several hours after being placed in the canal to insure the sterillzation of the organic debris which couldn remain in the canal after extirpation of the pulp. This action, however, must cease when the paste has hardened. The same applies to the anti-inflammatory action of the corticold compounds. These pastes should not be putrescible, nor restorable once hardened. They must be radiopaque. Another very important factor to add to the theoretical prerequisites is that these pastes must be easy to insert in the canal and also be easy to eliminate if necessary.

Z/E contains an association of  corticoids, decongestant compounds, which considerably reduce the number and the importance of painful periodical reactions.

Z/E  presents the various qualities described above due to its excipient and to its antiseptic compounds. The antiseptics and the corticoids dissolve in the body fluids only during the setting of the paste and therefore they are therapeutically active only for a limited period of time. If by accident a small amount of paste is inserted in soft tissues, the eugenol migrates in the tissues which are abundantly irrigated, before the paste has completely hardened. In this case, contrary to what happens in the canal, the paste will be slowly restored.
Directions for use
Mix the Z/E powder with a little Z/E liquid in order to obtain a mixture that will adhere easily to paste filler. To obtain the best results, it is recommended to mix 7 parts of powder with one part of liquid during a period of 40 seconds.

Patients with the history of allergic reactions of Eugenol and corticosteroid.

Storage indications
Store in dry, cool and dark place during 2 year.

Powder: Bottle containing about 20 g.
Liquid: Bottle containing 13ml.

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