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R/P. Resorcin paste for sealing root canal:

Dexamethazone 20mg
Resorcin 11g
Zinc oxide 50 g
Barium sulphate 29g
Formaldehyde solution 10 ml
Resorcin 20g
Hydrochloric acid 2 ml
Aqua destillata about 1000ml

Filling of infected root canals of permanent and temporary teeth.
R/P consists of three constituents, two liquids and one powder, which when mixed extemporaneously give a soft radiopaque paste. This paste hardens within 24 hours and consists of a red resin reticulum holding an antiseptic past.

During the polymerization of the resin, the past heats and releases a certain quantity of gaseous formaldehyde which penetrates info the dentinal tubules transforming the albumins info insoluble and nonputrescible compounds.
In one single operation, R/P achieves three essential endodontic functions:

  1. Rapid disinfection of the dentinal tubules is obtained.
  2. The presence of an antiseptic mass with a long lasting action is ensured.
  3. Permanent non-resorbable sealing of the root canal is attained.

R/P also has other advantageous properties, it adheres well, is non-retractable, radiopacue and colored.
The R/P liquids are presented in the form of two separate solutions. Therefore, when desired, the intensity of treatment and hardening may be varied by reducing the quantity of either of the solutions.
R/P is a very useful method of terminating classical endodontic treatment.

Directions for use
Prepare and treat the canal in the usual manner, eliminating all pupl debris. Chemically enlarge the canal and dry it carefully.
To obtain the past: mix one measure of powder on mixing-pad with one drop of each of the liquids. If a more friable past is desired, for example to fill a anal which may require further treatment, use one measure of powder with one drop of Hardening Liquid and two drops of Treatment Liquid.
Fill the root canal with the paste obtained.

Patients with the history of allergic reactions of corticosteroid.
Storage indications
Store in a dry, cool and dark place during 2 year.

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