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Why the DENTSTAL company?

DENTSTAL takes stable place in the dental markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East countries, China and India. And there is a strong basis for us to assert this way because the DENTSTAL company:

  • is an exclusive distributor of various dental products of such world famous brands as DENTSPLY, SEPTODONT, HERAEUS KULZER and many others;
  • is producing endodontic, light cure and chemical materials in close cooperation with dental manufacturers from the United Kingdom;
  • publishes text-books and specialized literature for dentists jointly with Ministry of Health;
  • organizes seminars for dentists and dental technicians;
  • introduces it’s methods of work and innovative technologies into successfully functioning dental clinics;
  • constantly takes part in international dental trade shows, where displays not only the DENTSTAL products,but also the products of it’s manufacturing companies; and in such a way broadens it’s opportunities of knowledge and many years experience exchange with world leading dental companies and dentists in terms to supply customers with the most innovative technologies, equipment and instruments.

All the above-cited only one more time confirms the correctness of our moto: “for effective dentistry”. We are in the process of sustainable improving and development, that is why we welcome your ideas, references and cooperation motions.

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